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Expertise in Manufacturing
Paints & Coatings

Universal Paint and Chemical Industries, known as CHEMIPAINT, is a cutting-edge company specializing in the production and export of paints and coatings. Its main headquarters is situated in Choueifat, Lebanon, and it operates three additional branches in LEBANON, U.A.E., and IRAQ, collectively encompassing an area exceeding 42,000 square meters and employing a workforce of over 400 individuals.

  • Lebanon

  • U.A.E

  • Iraq


What We Do

Pioneering technology with continuous innovation across diverse coating products and services, we deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions, allocating resources to meet market demands. Our aim is to maintain a top position in the paint industry by leading the market with the highest quality architectural and industrial coatings. Our focus remains on robust business growth, ensuring long-term profitability

Our Commitment

Our Mission & Vision

Our History

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Unmatched Production Quality

Innovation, Precision, Excellence


Research & Development

Our Middle East region boasts a top-tier R&D department, crafting innovative product portfolios and advanced paint solutions.



Operating in Lebanon, UAE, and Iraq, our plants achieve a yearly capacity exceeding 20,000 tons, overseen by highly qualified experts for exceptional quality.


Color Service

Trust in our color matching service, ensuring precision and a selection of over 200,000 shades with our exclusive tinting system.